March of 2017 gave us a month of European exploration and wonderful experiences. Join us for Lisbon, Porto, Bordeaux, Sarlat, Paris, Amsterdam, Brugge, Ghent and Brussels.
EuroPodVenture-2017 - Day 1 - Lisbon2017-EuroPodVenture-Day 2 - Lisbon and Sintra2017-EuroPodVenture-Day 3 - LisbonEuroPodVenture-Day 4-5-6-PortoEuroPodVenture- Day 7-8-9 - Porto to Bordeaux to SarlatEuroPodVenture-Day 10-14EuroPodVenture-Day 15-16EuroPodVenture-Day 17-18EuroPodVenture-Day 19-20EuroPodVenture-Day 21EuroPodVenture-Day 22-24EuroPodVenture-Day 25-26